Anahata Yoga

Realize Your Perfection

Yoga Classes and Private Lessons


Perfection is subjective, therefore everyone has their own individual ideal. Practising Asana with awareness is one way to learn accepting and valuing your own body the way it is, to experience its boundaries and to expand them. The focus rest on finding your own perfection, to grow into your individual ideal. To experience the Asana from from within rather than striving to squeeze yourself into a present ideal. Which is not to say, that I do not encourage you try out postures which are challenging you to overcome the boundaries you thought existed - because they were in your mind.

This creates a sense of peace and freedom inside the confinements of the physical body, accompanied by the experience of unconditional lightness, positivity and well-being.

Personal issues, which have to be solved by conscious awareness in the course of you life often manifest themselves by creating blockages in the body because the latter is the visible expression of the invisible realities.

Body, mind and soul are a unity and Yoga exercises are having a harmonising, energising/relaxing effect on all three of them.


You can achieve anything if you trust in life, have faith in yourself, are prepared to work hard and apply the right method. Yoga is offering a wide variety of exercises and teachings concerning all aspects of life.


I am adapting my way of teaching to individual needs, Yoga experience, physical possibilities as well as to external conditions like day-energy or season of the year.

Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Mantra Yoga are generally also part of my lessons. 

From March 2015 onwards I shall be also in a position to teach the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series.

Currently I am occasionally teaching group classes at Avani Yoga in Therwil, lead workshops and yoga holidays and guide individuals in developing their own yoga practise. 


Private lessons are offering the opportunity to go into your individual requirements in depth, to practise exercises that release the tensions and blockages in your body and that generally stimulate the energy-flow in the body and mind. You will also be given exact instructions how to practise the exercises at home by yourself.