Anahata Yoga

Living Transformation


Anahata Yoga Principles

Every living being is unique. Yoga can teach you to grow out of who you thought „you“ were into your true “YOU”, a new, more positive, more vibrantly alive and shining „you“ than you ever knew before.

All you have to do thereto is to surrender your personal conditionings to the greater power which is life itself and to practise keeping an open heart and mind towards the continuous changes taking place in and around you. 

Anahata Yoga is an integral form of Hatha Yoga. Its main teaching principles are:

- alignment from the heart. 

- conscious opening and expansion of the heart centre and of the personal breathing capacity.

- strengthening and mobilisation of shoulders and upper back, which stand in close connection to the heart chakra.

- living the joy of your own expression.

- surrendering to the Universal life-force of which we are an intergral part. 

- learning to trust your inner voice of wisdom speaking through your body awareness.

- centreing of consciousness in the here-now via breath and body awareness. 

- realisation of the true self, the neutral observer, who is existing free from personal conditionings on the physical, emotional and   mental levels. 

- conscious grounding via feet/sacrum that are both closely linked to the solarpleaxus chakra“ and thus to the sense of the personal „I“.

- Conscious opening and surrender to the spiritual levels via the hands (related to the Anahata Chakra) and the top of the head (higher consciousness).

True changes in your Self can only happen from within, that is in your own consciousness. This inner process can be aided externally by creating favourable physical conditions. Asana practise is one way create optimal exterior circumstances for your Self in which positive personal changes and development of soul can happen more easily. However, the opening into the physical postures, expanding them and finding your ease therein require inner work. As an Anahata Yoga teacher, besides teaching you the Asana I am guiding you into experiencing your inner Self in the given physical postures.

The more awareness we are bringing to an action, the more powerful it becomes. In the integral practice of Yoga this basic law of life is being applied.

The quality of breath is a direct reflection of one’s inner state of being. Therefore, breathing exercises (Pranayama) also play an important part in the Yoga practise. Along with deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) because the capacity to relax physically, mentally and emotionally is vitally important if one’s breath is to be deep and relaxed, the mind focussed and the body stretched beyond its initial boundaries.

Sound creates realities and can be understood as the actual source of all existing realities. Knowing about Bija (Seed) Mantra Yoga and having developed my own practise of this aspect of Yoga, I like to introduce simple mantra recitation into the physical practise. 

Relax into the flow of life, fill your heart, lungs and mind with Prana and enjoy your uniqueness.

Dancer, sunlight, love, joy, discover, enjoy, live

Yoga ist eine Form von Meditation, bei welcher sich Körper, Geist und Seele vereinen. Wenn sich diese drei Ebenen in einem Zustand von Harmonie befinden, tritt im Geist Stille ein und das Selbst geht in der Unendlichkeit auf, welche jenseits von Zeit und Raum existiert. Atembewusstsein im Körper dienst dabei als Tor in die Realität des Hier-Jetzt.

Die Yogapraxis erfordert auch die Disziplin das eigene Selbst zu konfrontieren und über die persönlichen Grenzen hinauszuwachsen, indem Übungen bewusst wiederholt werden.

Yogaübungen bieten die Gelegenheit, das eigene Selbst und den physischen Körper im Hier-Jetzt auf eine Weise zu erleben, die sich leicht und frei anfühlt. Und da sich der Geist für die höheren Seinsebenen öffnet, können auch Begrenzungen im Ego erlöst werden. Dies fördert eine beuwsste innere Verbindung zwischen dem eigenen Körper, dem Geist und der Seele. Befinden sich diese drei Daseins-Ebenen im Gleichgewicht, gelingt es, das eigene Selbst und das persönliche Leben objektiv, klar, losgelöst von der reinen Ego-Ich-Identifizierung zu erleben. Dies intensiviert die Vitalität, das positive Selbstbewusstsein, Glücksgefühle und die Leichtigkeit im Alltag.