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Since all life is striving to reach a state of equilibrum, harmony is the greatest power in existence. 

The more harmonious a living system is, the more energy it is able to generate and transmit. This holds true both for companies and individuals. Therefore, in the desire to make your business lastingly and in the long-term successful your first aim should be to increase the inherent harmony both on an individual as well as on a team level.

Man is comprised of Body, Soul and Mind. Therefore, do all of these three levels have to be in balance if a person is to be a reliable and harmony sustaining workforce.


Yoga- and breathing excercises are an effective method to reliably create and maintain a state of personal and overall harmony. Amongst he natural side effects of a regular Yoga practice are an increase in relaxation and flexibility of limbs, joy of being, strengthening of immunity system and concentration skills.


I am offering you training concepts, private and group coachings tailored to your individual requirements at your workplace. As well as single day and weekend workshops.


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