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Here are some of thoughts on Yoga in relation to personal life that might inspire you to live life with enhanced awareness of its beauty. 



Most people are finding it easier to align the physical body than to command their thoughts and emotions to run along harmonious lines.

However, because these three levels are closely interrelated and are influencing one another eventually the harmonious postures, movements and breathing patterns that are being practised on the physical level also bring calmness and clarity to the other two levels.The degree of consciousness you are bringing to your Yoga practice determines their positive efficacy. The more awareness you are bringing to your Yoga postures the greater is their efficacy

As human beings we are literally living between heaven and earth. The energy in the lower part of our body is naturally moving downwards. While the energy in the upper half is moving up-wards. Provided one’s personal existence is not solely dedicated to satisfying the Ego’s desires but universal values like unconditional love and consciousness are being sought after and aciltivated.

It is useful to keep in mind the initial energy-flow in the physical body when practising yoga postures(or in everyday life, too). And whenever you are standing or sitting and grounding yourself via the feet or the coccyx to imagine you are growing roots of light deep into the centre of the earth and receive energy therefrom. Whenever you are stretching your spine via your crown chakra or reaching your arms up and out imagine yourself growing into the vast space of light above and around you. Combined with your conscious breathing and the focus on your heart centre this can transform your self profoundly and empower you for life.



Mind and breath are closely interconnected and are strongly influencing each other. The key to a peaceful mind lies in the control of your breathing patterns. 

If you wish to slow down the movement of your thoughts you have to practice slow breathing with awareness. If you wish to still your thoughts completely, immerse your whole attention in the steady flow of your breathing and gaps of silence start occuring in the mind.

The more fully you are consciously in charge of your breathing patterns, the easier it becomes for you to create your own positive thoughts at will and to enter the centre of stillness within your being at any time.



Generally it is the spiritual levels which are creating the denser levels of existence. However the invisible and the manifest spheres of life are closely interdependent and so the lower realms can also have an impact upon the higher ones.

Hatha Yoga is one way to influence ones higher realities by conscious practise of exercises upon the lower levels of being.

Here are a couple of examples how it can work:

To practise surrender in physical yoga postures can help to open the heart to the Creator and His creation and to willingly accept the present moment the way it is instead of always wanting it to be different.

Stretching the physical body as it is being done in the various Asana is a kind of opening up to the force of life. It is rendering happy at the the level of the heart and depending upon your personal intention in practising the postures the blissful feeling that is being generated is accordingly deep. Of course, it can also be explained from a scientific standpoint in saying that the postures are affecting the endocrine system and are triggering certain hormones to be released in the body. However ultimately it is the widening of the physical body combined with conscious direction of breath and awareness which are causing the experience of bliss, the endocrine system is really only a secondary reaction. All scientific explanations are really only attemps on part of the rationalists to explain the inexplicaple wonders of life.



One of the many advantages a regular Hatha Yoga practice affords you with, is its potential to teach you how to attain to a state of inner harmony regardless of your exterior circumstances in life.

It teaches you to learn how to find the balance between activity and passivity, thus rendering them into a complete whole.

Its foundation are the conscious breath patterns and breathing techniques upon which the physical exercises are built. Actively inhaling fully and deeply, while maintaining physical receptivity, is complimented by the exhalation which is of passive nature, a letting go while simultaneously a state of physical alertness is being maintained. This way of breathing could be called an active surrender to the flow of life and breath passing through you.

The Asana (physical poses) afford the opportunity to practice this same principle upon yet a different level. And although you should strive to stretch your personal physical boundaries in the various poses, which naturally require conscious mental participation, simultaneously you are to remain soft, passive and receptive towards their positive effects on the physiological, mental and emotional levels.

Plus, in a class situation despite having to follow the teacher's instructions your practice ought to be in accordance with the guidelines your inner teacher(intuition) is giving you at the same time, which are of a much more subtle nature and define your personal ideal of any given exercise.

This kind of harmonious balance between the inner and outer life, activity and receptivity will through repeated practice by and by turn into your natural state of being, accompanying your every step and action in life. Thus living your life in an attitude of active surrender and servitude towards the Divine guidance speaking through the voice of your intuition, you are becoming a creative participant in the creation and unfoldment of your Divine Self.



Serenity begins in the mind

To be serene is to be gentle

To be gentle is to be conscious

Consciousness is Light

Light is our essence

Its source is Love

Love is all there is.



Yoga teaches you via breath-, body- and mind-awareness to become conscious towards of self and to learn relating to your self. Thereby your competence for relating to your personal life and your fellow living beings is being enhanced as well. Because in order to be able to positively and and consciously relate to your exterior life you have to be in a positive and conscious relationship with your own self in the first place.


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