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To me, Yoga is not just a physical and mental practise, it is a way of Life. 


I grew up with a father for a Yoga teacher who had his own Yoga studio. However, I waited until I was twenty-five-years-old and living far away from home in Berlin to take an interest in this discipline. I loved the experience of my first Yoga class. It brought me a sense of inner peace, relaxation and happiness in a personally dark time of my life. Also, it felt like coming home. It was as if my body already knew the various exercises. After my third class I decided to become a teacher myself.

So I completed a teacher training 2005 ( and afterwards was immediately hired by a number of sport studios all over the city. To complete my teacher profile I did a Power Pilates teacher training the following year. Over the succeeding years I got to know different styles of Yoga by attending regluar additional trainings. I always found and still find it inspiring to discover yoga and my self at still greater depth through the experience of other teacher’s teaching. Among the great teachers, to whom I feel indebted and who have inspired my own way of teaching are Bridget J.Woods-Kramer, Anusara Yoga, Brian Kest, Power Yoga, Mark Withwell, Yoga of the Heart and my own father, who is teaching the yoga line developed by of one of Krishnamacharya’s sons.


In winter 2013/14 I travelled to India for the first time and found it very inspiring to be taught Yoga by an Indian Yoga master for a change. The following winter 2014/15 I returned to the South of India. This time for a period of intense training learning the Ashtanga Primary Series. In 2015/16 I went back once a again to Kerala for some months. Currently I am in the course of a Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training in France.


After well more than twelve years of teaching I still love it more with each class. My students, the present moment and my own daily practise are an unquenchable source of inspiration to me.


Today, besides living my vocation as a Yoga (and Pilates) teacher, I am painting, writing blogspots and books in German and English, leading workshops on expansion of spiritual awareness, coach people on their soul-path, work as a healing medium to individuals and the collective of creation.



My vision is a world in which everyone is happy, free and living from the heart in the light and love of their true Self. Trusting in the Divine power, respecting themselves, their fellow beings and Mother Earth. I am dedicating my whole existence to this vision and to me teaching Yoga is a highly effective method to teach others how to find the place of silence, love and light within themselves and to live therefrom.





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