Anahata Yoga

Express Your Joy

Sun Salutation - Surya Namaskara


Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar, forms an integral part of Anahata Yoga practise. 

This harmonious sequence of Asana, which are being practiced in flow with the breathing, is offering the possibility to practically experience the principles of surrender from the heart, joy in expression, lightness and being here-now. This enables a deeper understanding of their reality in the self. 

Sun Salutation can be practised in a great number of variations and it can also be adapeted to individual requirements.

The following video shows three different variations.

The goal of yoga pracitise - to unite body, soul and mind - sounds initiially simple until you start thinking about how you can possibly achieve this if you do not actually know what your soul is exactly and where it is located in the self and how you can possibly command the course of your thoughts. However, it is really simply - you only have to do it and keep on practising. The breath is the connecting link between your thinking self, existing in your body and between your soul. Therefore, you automatically connect to your soul if you breathe consciously. In order to harmonise your mind and soul you only have to concentrate completely on the flow of your breathing. And if you manage to remain aware of your physical body simultaneously you are experiencing yoga. 


The ultimate goal of yoga practise is to reach a point in your personal development of consciousness in which this unifying harmony between you rdifferent levels of being no longer requires your personal effort but simply happens and becomes your natural way of being.