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Pilates Coaching


Pilates is a holistic training concept to improve physical posture, consisting of stretching and strengthening exercises.

I am teaching Power Pilates, a direct descendant of the original training method which was founded by J. H. Pilates.

It focusses on breathing, physical tension and relaxation, centering, concentration, flowing movements and stabilisation. 

The workout can be physically challenging, yet at the same time it is relaxing for the mind because the complete concentration it requires throughout the lesson creates a break from everyday thought cycles.

It is adviseable for beginners, those who have health issues and for those who wish to attain a set goal in a short time to take private lessons.


Generall advantages thanks to a regular Pilates practise include: 

- Strengthening of body centre (Power House, area around navel and lower back)

- Creates strength from the inside out.

- Improved coordination, flexibility and sense of balance.

- Body feels lighter

- Improves self-confidence

- Perfect body-shaping the body

- Supports daily life and other sports

- Deformation sof physical structure and weak muscle aeras can be balanced out and partly disappear.



I am offering Private Lessons I which I am wholly focussing on your individual needs and possibilities.